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This week was a complete whirlwind and I felt like I was living on the edge as I balanced obligation after obligation, but I felt ALIVE.

I’ve had lots of new growth in the business world of social media and so I happily lose myself in conversations about how they can help my client’s business grow with proper use of the medium, and my favorite part about teaching and consulting is seeing eye’s light up when someone has an a-ha! moment.

Additional events this week included:

Losing my son and his little friend for a terrifying 30 minutes.

Getting myself re-shot for TRP Thursday (gawd! It was great and terrifying to be back in front of the camera almost 18 months later!)

Meeting a new and amazing woman who came to participate in the project this Friday.

Emotionally letting go of something that’s been bothering me for months and months.

Meeting an old friend for dinner that I had not seen in two years.

My life is full right now and I am feeling gratitude.

I am grateful for all of the things I have.

I am grateful for business, old friends, and new.

I’m grateful for my kids, Mr. Goodbar and my home.

I’m grateful for my ability to find something positive in *most experiences.

I’m grateful for my ability to recognize wrong from right and my ability to own my mistakes.

I am grateful for the TRP women who’ve taught me so much and brought so much inspiration to my life and to women everywhere.

Thank you God for helping me recognize the bounty of my own life.