What Fresh New Hell is This?

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The Mayans predict End Game for December 21st 2012.

I have exactly eight days to get it right and so I set out this bright new day with new life resolutions to be better, live better, cook better.  It seems like a great day to bake Christmas cookies from scratch and so …. well…. and the beat goes on… until it doesn’t.

Predictions are really fascinating….  at the tender age of forty-two I have survived at least a dozen predictions of cataclysmic world endings and I have lived to tell the tale.  I can’t quite believe I have been so blessed as to boldly walk this planet with all of the other survivors.  Having a near apocalyptic experience ( twelve or so times) can really change a person… people have been known to start taking vitamins and exercise … even visit their past to befriend their enemies, and mend broken fences.

Ok- I know, I am a sarcastic wench, but really?

My prediction is that it’s really about ending the world of darkness and ignorance and inviting the dawn of a new way of thinking.
If the world is really not going to combust in a ball of flame (three days before Christmas mind you) then this opens up a whole new world of opportunity for those who want to try their luck at less ambitious predictions…

“Oh, me! me!”

Here it is:  the world is gonna change one individual at a time.  Once each person gets their mojo on for INTROSPECTION- they will then stop looking inward and start looking outward which will cause a seismic wave of EXTROSPECTION ( there were no spelling suggestions for this word on my spell check).

Extrospection can be defined ( it can, but everything out there is super lame) as the point at which human beings arrive at the place of empathy for their fellow human being and act in ways toward one another which consider another persons predicament, situations, and perspective.  This “age” of extrospection will begin to transform world issues such as hunger, war, homelessness, poverty, disease, and isolation making them obsolete.

Once we all get the hang of looking in ( Introspection) and looking deep… it’s time to get busy helping others.

We’ve got eight days people.

Lets get this party started.




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    Monica, I think you are onto something – mainly because a friend of mine and I have been saying something similar so, of course, I would agree when I’M being agreed with, right? :-) I hope that you have a beautiful Christmas! Enjoy the wonder of the season, instead of the hustle, bustle stuff! Peace….