Revelation: The Innocent of Sandy Hook


There are certain things that you will remember for the rest of your life, even if you do not want to.

Where you were when it happened….

What the sights and smells were…

Who you were with…..

How its impact punched the air from your gut.   The leaden weight of it making the horror feel like a canon ball wrapped around your neck.

Events like what happened early Friday morning make everyday life feel maddeningly insignificant and terribly vital all at the very same time.

As much as you wish you did not know it, and as much as you wish to shut out the outside world so as to not have to hear it, contemplate it, or have it stain the fabric of your life… it can not be deterred, deferred, or denied.   It’s tragic imprint too catastrophic to ignore.

Biblical proportions will bring us to our knees for prayer..

“Oh God, sweet Jesus… why?!!”


They are the innocents… their very existence the walking breathing proof of miracles.  Each day they reflect the love and joy and wonder of all that life can be…. so what does an event like this want to reveal to those of us whom they’ve left behind?