It’s Not About The Photographs and It’s Not About You.

Well, ok- It is, and it’s not.

Lately I’ve had many women call wanting to be part of the project ( We are now taking submissions!) and focusing on the images as part of our initial conversation so I thought I’d address the photos in this post about how we use them as a tool to access a deeper experience.

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TRP has discovered that one way for a woman to get “related” to herself is to be photographed in this way.   There is some preparation for the experience and then the session. The woman in the photographs others see on our site have been through our unique workshop experience which is essential to her shoot.

Once the photo process is over – the work has only JUST begun!  What happens before, during, and especially after the experience is very REVEALING to her-  about herself, her community, and her life. We want her to pay attention and document some of these discoveries. She is asked to participate in an interview, and then she is asked to continue to engage with us over the course of her year.


Toward the end of 2012 we had a gathering of many of the women who have participated in the project to date and we had a chance to go around the room and hear about how the project has impacted each of them individually.  The impact that it’s had on them was moving, inspiring, and mind blowing.

So why is this post entitled “It’s not about the photographs and it’s not about you? “


What we’ve learned is that the photography piece is just a tool to help women get INside herself.  Once she is IN, she gets WAY IN until she’s kind of turned inside out ( but in a great way!)  At some point the revelations you have about yourself extend outward, which build your community, create a new community,  shed insight on how you impact your life, those you love, and the world, and transform your need to “get more” into a desire to “give more” with an increased capacity for authenticity, depth, and a love  stronger than you have ever had before.


How does that sound?



In a


and whether you know it or not

YOUR JOURNEY is precious, unique, and utterly remarkable.
has the power to impact, shift, and positively transform others.

We are just the conduit to helping you get the more out of your experience here 😉

The cost to do the project is $750.00 and includes a years worth of interaction, photographs, a workshop, and much much more.
Price is not the issue.  We can work with anyone who wants to do it.  We can make it happen and even help coach you raise the funds. We have a payment plan, and lots of payment options so if this speaks to you in any way… just call and sign up!

TRP is now open for 2013 reservations and requires an intro interview (just email us to receive one) and an initial deposit of $200.00

We can’t wait to begin our magnificent new year with you!!!


  1. Ruthann Dowling says

    Hey monica-I have loved reading your posts lately-very inspiring, moving, and thought provoking! I hope all is well with you in every way possible. Sounds like you are rockin your own world by taking care of YOURSELF! Digging deep, looking at the past, reflecting, making new goals, etc. inspiring. Hope to be at whatever fun event TRP plans next.

    Be well Roo

    Ps-did you receive my completed iv-sent it a while back- Xo

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    • says

      Hi Roo- Sure did! I am just major behind!!! Don’t worry – you’ll be up soon! Im so grateful for the feedback and that you are enjoying the posts. Medication has made such a difference it’s CRAZY! ( I never thought I would say this!)
      I would so love to get together soon? XOXOXOXO M