The Business of Getting to Business


After the diagnosis I began to realize that information was actually sticking to my mental white board.

I can follow a thought, and explore an idea lately without worrying that it will be erased before my very eyes, leaving me to grasp into the big fat nothingness for the ending to a blog post. This has been just so damn frustrating for me, I can’t even tell you.

In the past, if I knew I wanted to explore a thought in a post, I would become really excited and inspired, but also totally anxious! What if when I sat down to write about it, the thread of thought evaporates in my mind like rain on the blacktop of a hot, dry, summer day? Yes, readers- this is exactly what usually happens.

Last week I purchased a few books to read about writing, grammar, and best practices. My spelling and gramatical knowledge is Dreadful with a capitol D. If you’ve been a reader for a while, I am sure this fact is not lost on you. While I have your attention- thank you for continuing to read the gloppity glop i’ve put out, regardless of the lack of technical skill -that’s love right there, and I’ll take it when and where I can get it, muah!

I am wanting more than ever to write a book, because I am gaining confidence in my ability to deeply explore a subject in my writing and have so much I want to tell you. Without having any idea where to begin, am going to trust that I will just know when the time is right. In the meantime, I am also reading so many of the books that were previously piled on my night stand which give me endless inspiration. Finally, I can read and comprehend without having to re-read the same section over and over again. It’s been such an effort to read, especially these last few years, and I’m back to devouring them, Hallelujah!

 The other area of my life I’d really like to focus on is,  building an audience of readers for this blog so that I can get better at writing and communicating, and delivering content in a way that is easy to read, relate to, and fun for readers to respond to- any thoughts on this?

I know that a big part of building readership is first gaining more audience and followers who then recommend you to friends. This is about where I ask you to sign up and follow me. If you like my posts, I’ll promise to work hard to keep it interesting ( you can submit your email on the sidebar or follow my RSS feed) I invite you to comment often or reach out to me via email (  I’d welcome any feedback or suggestions you have about my writing or blog, and I’d also love to hear if there are topics you think I should explore or other suggestions you think I might benefit from.

These are the following things I think about as I explore what I’d like my posts to accomplish:

  1. Are the posts inspiring, or thought provoking?
  2. Am I using humor in the appropriate way? Is it funny or am I thinking I am being funny and not!
  3. Are the posts self indulgent or written in a way that is off putting or pedantic?
  4. Are the posts share worthy?  Is this blog something you’d like to invite your friends to follow?
  5. Am I writing about things that have value to my reader and generate interesting perspectives or insight?
  6. Are the thoughts being explored clear, and east to follow?

When blogging first started, as I remember it; my daughter was only three.  I began writing posts for my company website- knowing that they would barely be seen (never underestimate a woman’s ability to find you).

Since then- the blogging world has exploded. I attended an amazing bloggers conference last year and was amazed at how many women were seriously using their writing and audience building as a way to generate income in order to be able to stay at home with their children, and live outside of the confines of a 9-5 workday (Amen).

There are several I’ve followed over the years who have made amazing strides in the quality of their writing and in increasing their readership.  They are wisely leveraging their perspective on life, while using their sense of humor as lucrative money makers. I’m also finding that they are using their hard won writing foundation as a way to launch other entrepreneurial ventures. It’s not uncommon now to see several of the better known bloggers and bloggesses publishing books, how to guides, or other related products.

I love that the advancement of social media has allowed women especially, a safe place to find their voice and express their inner thoughts and personalities. I love using writing as a tool for insight, and the transition of using a journal in private – to being more open in the blogosphere with posts usually reserved for a hello kitty lock and key journal.  I am gaining so much wisdom, connectedness, and insight from being able to share my thoughts with others; and read theirs.  It’s a powerful medium for social change and creative problem solving, and it’s very entertaining.

As part of this piece, I thought I should include some of my favorite bloggers who are finding their niche, gaining momentum, or who have already exploded on the scene with thousands upon thousands of readers.  Some of them are people I personally know- and who I also know would appreciate a plug. You never know when the next voice will gain the attention of many- it’s an exciting prospect. I hope you enjoy their blogs as much as I do.


  • Past Fashion Future: Author Emma Grady happens to be my cousin but this is not why I think her blog is great.  I think her blog is great because it’s consistant, inspiring, and is spreading a great message about what fashion “can be” for those of us who are always struggling as we try to make it our own.  Emma believes that each and every woman should have her own sense of style that leverages pieces that are passed through family generations that have timeless lines, and sentimental value.  She is hip, young, and lives in NYC.  She’s taught me so much about how to create meaning through my wardrobe, and use it as sustainable extension of who I am.  Very cool.
  • Chateau and Bungalow: Created by a few of my favorite female entrepreneurs.  Authors Amy MacMillan and Pamela Younes join founder Sarah O’Neill Fernandez  to dish on interior design making it the perfect tastemakers blog that often has great advice for at- home design projects, interior decor tips, product spotlights, and and great before and afters (my personal fave), which feature projects they have personally touched through their combined design consulting business. Sarah is also a contributing author for Parentables which is a Discovery Network site.
  • Thoughtful Design: This blog takes a more holistic look at the essence of design, while focusing on what makes a certain design or product a good one.  Author Austin White is a self appointed “frustrated designer”, web marketer, and unapologetic Apple fan.  His fascination with design and user experience makes him an excellent source for highlighting the details on design most people miss. I personally love him and his blog. A big congratulations to Austin for launching his very own awesome design this year to accompany the Apple-TV.  His genius product bloc has been featured in over ten major reviews and publications all over the world including Macworld.
  •  Momestery: Oh, to one day write like Glennon Melton.  I love her vulnerability, her humor, her photos, her view point, her imperfections.  Her posts inspire me daily, and she is one of the afore mentioned super-bloggers who has gone on to publish her book, Carry On Warrior– which takes no prisoners and is straitening spines, and splintering hearts everywhere.  Love. Her.
  • Martha Wills: Martha is a childhood friend, and she and I reconnected a few years ago. She’s a little blogging rock star working different angles to explore her voice and her audience. She’s describes herself as: freelance writer, blogger, social media devotee. Mom to twin girls. Writer. Apologetic grammarista. Appreciator of art; passion for fashion and fabric. Committed, yet slow runner. Cupcake loving diabetic. Yogi in search of self.

Who is your favorite blogger or writer, and why?  Can you lead our readers to some of your favorites?  Please comment in the box below, and while you are at it, I’d love it if you’d consider following me! 


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    First… Never gloppity glop! Second … I want to write a book, too. We are going to have discuss getting going on those. I have my plan and everything, but need the nudge to get started. Third… THANK YOU, deary for mentioning me. I don’t often feel like a rock star, but I like the way it sounds! XX