Wild and Precious FYI


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver

Have I done a wild and precious life?

Yes, I am thinking i have, especially as I sit here in my robe and combat boots (with shearling lining- really, they’re like slippers!), and a cowlick in my bangs- what could be more precious and wild?

I was reading my morning blogs at O’ dark hundred thinking along the same lines really, like, “wow, life is amazing”.

I have not written my book yet, or starred in my own short animated film, done a duet with Molly Shannon on SNL, or earned hundreds and thousands of dollars, had intimate conversation with Ira Glass from This American Life, or sat in an interview with Katie Couric whilst seated on Bradley Cooper’s lap, yet, but I can say I’ve lived a wild and precious life so far… yes.

and, I want more, so what I plan to do, is fail more.

When I look at my life I realize that it’s ripe with failure…  yay! God it took me so so long to be able to embrace this, and to realize that; the way to gain is to lose. 

Daring to fail = daring to succeed, you can’t have one without the other.

In order for life to be wild and precious it must be vital, daring, and on-purpose.

In order to live more, I have to die more…

It’s the exposure to life’s polarizing moments that unite us.

It’s by losing yourself, that you can find your way back.

It’s by giving of yourself that you will gain.


I know.. it’s crazy really… apparently the meaning of life just plopped itself on my un-showered lap and cuddled in for a morning snuggle, and you, my TRP sister (or friend),  are the beneficiary of this “wild and precious” fyi this morning.

Lucky. You.