What Would Your Manifesto Say?

School cancelled, hunkered in for the big storm, and excited to be snowbound.

Yesterday I was so excited that school was cancelled YAY! until I forgot that I was no longer ten and don’t even go to school anymore. I am a Mom who has two children, and I’m home today with them, all day… yay.

I know that you are all anxiously awaiting the news, wondering how we did yesterday right?  I am elated to report that my antics brought us a whopping four new followers from the Twisted #30 list.

Dear Four,

I am SO HAPPY that y’all decided to join us, and I promise I will introduce you to some great people, provide you with cool places to visit on the web,  an occasional laugh, some powerful interviews from women who have done the Project, and lots more where that came from.  I really, really, really want to hear your voice, and your comments, so by all means… gimme the goods.

Yours truly,


One of the suggestions a friend of mine made was to switch the blog over to “the other wordpress” – y’know, the one you have to pay to host. Apparently “free” can only take you so far… and it’s really taken us far, so … I really don’t want to sound ungrateful here.

In order to get our blog more widely recognized I have to think outside the box. We are together in this right? I mean, when I think of the power of numbers I think of you gals. So far your amazing readership accounts for a much larger following than I’ve ever had, and so the possibilities are great each time you “like” something we post, or “share” on any of the sites below (see toward comments below, there are a few buttons that allow you to “share” across your social networks) you exponentially increase the chance that we will be discovered and followed by other women who care what we have to say. I hope it’s ok, that occasionally it will be a post peppered with my ramblings… like today, a post containing little gems, like what I was about to tell you next:

I’m sitting on the couch on this beautiful winter “blizzard” morning teaching my son how to pick lint from between his toes- the little bugger is a natural. 

On a more important note, although i usually do not get into stuff that is happening in the media – I can hardly not be morbidly fascinated with what’s happening with the LAPD, and Chris Dorner.  It was a total accident that I even know about it… the Goodbar likes to give me sound bites at night while I am in the kitchen about the current atrocities happening in the world. I usually don’t bite.

I bit.

I’m confused about what’s really going on because, I read his original eight page manifesto, and while rambling and reiterative, it seems pretty strait forward.  You can tell he is educated and totally pissed (proving to be a lethal combination), and articulates his intention pretty clearly.  In the second one I read ( why are there two?) It was all injected with weird things that did in fact make him sound insane (as if the first one was not enough , i know… but anger IS a moment of insanity , and injustice can MAKE a person totally insane).  The second one made me wonder if it was it altered by someone other than Chris, to distract the reader, and undermine the original contents of the first.  In the second one, he swerves from his first,  very intentional, and focused rant to pepper the new one with goodbyes and  mentions of actors and movies like Hangover III and Charlie Sheen. I guess my immediate response to all of this is – there is more here than meets the eye.  Somewhere between the two stories told by LAPD and Christopher Dorner, and the two versions of a manifesto is the truth, and i think we are far from it right now,  and I’m not sure we are ever going to find it.


The reason the case interests me however, is because I have personally experienced what happens when officers get together to cover up, or manipulate the truth,  to protect each other.  My experience was just in lil’ old South County RI, so I can only imagine what happens in major cities, and deeply entrenched communities, and traditions.

I was so naive- and had to learn the hard way that if you mess with the good ol’ boys-  one will lie, and the other will swear to it.  Not all of them… but it’s really hard to truly find a few good men who will uphold the integrity of the system if they are called to blow the whistle on their own.

To clarify: I’m not at all suggesting that Chris be defended for his actions.. i’m just suggesting that this case will hopefully “out” some bullshit that needs to be exposed, and that there is more to this than meets the eye. If he is a modern day Braveheart, he will surely die on his sword to remain “free” from persecution in defense of his honor, or whatever his honor was before he crossed over into the land of no return.  So, although i am not saying his actions are justified, at some level I do think some of his intentions have merit.

Have you ever experienced an injustice so profound, that it drove you to lengths you would never have considered yourself capable of, in order to expose the truth?  (I have… and it wasn’t pretty, or accurate.  I’m not proud, but I am able to hold my head high because i honestly believed that what i was doing was right) Would love to hear your thoughts….  this is the part where you look right below here, where it says comments, and you say something in the box there…c’mon, you can do it!

i love u.


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    You’ve got me thinking…. injustice …. there’s so much injustice, like people opposing marriage rights… or people using slurs…. I heard about Dorner yesterday, but I think I need to read the manifesto. I’ve no idea who was killed or what he’s angry about.
    In regard to your friend who mentioned the other wordpress … hi …. I still think you should do it! :)

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    Yes… read them- let me know what you think. It’s one of those “read between the emotion and outrage” and he makes some interesting points. My thing with the media is that it’s the spin machine… you never get the real story- just the story they want to leak or let out- most of the time anyway. Yes, if I think about it too much – injustice will make me nuts. I can go postal for sure… it’s in me. Yes.. I’m going to “switch over” tonight after my man gets home- he’s the techie in this relationship. XOOXOX