I Was Blind; Now I See


Life whirs by my little eye-windows at a break neck pace, and it’s blurry edges are barely discernable.  Sometimes by the time i go to bed, i don’t even have the strength to review the day because it’s speed and force was too much, too powerful, too….fast.

How can I really be with any of it, when it’s all happening so fast?

Who am I serving at this pace? This pace that has me accelerate beyond my means of even seeing, feeling, or really experiencing that which is before me.

Shall i say I’d really been there, or done that?

Whizzing past, or checking it off the list does not equal my being there; experiencing it.

Yesterday I had a migraine (in my eye) so great, that it made me sit, be very quiet, and  still.  I lay with my eyes covered by some heavenly weighted pillow filled with lavender, and I could do nothing but be with the love and care that surrounded me.

My children in whispering hushes, with their thoughtful touches to my head, and the Goodbar’s presence as he sat with me in the darkened room. Jacks little head on my thigh as his puppy sighs told me he was there for me, and all of the ways in which the sounds of the evening surrounded me in comfort.

As the fire gave it’s heat, and quietly hissed and popped It was revealed, and  I could see exactly what it is that has been missing. My true presence has been missing from my day’s lately, and like so many I know who struggle with taking too much on, or going to fast, it’s caught up with me and nailed me down so that I could take a look.   It’s put it’s heavy, loving hand on me, and taken my sight, in order so that I might sit awhile, and see. 

Life is amazing this way.






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    So true. Oh sweetie, I bet you have the “migraine hangover” now. This is just more thing we have in common. Migraines are nature’s way of telling us to chill the fuck out.