Say Something.

You already have permission

Just saying.

You have permission to create, to speak up, and stand up.

You have permission to be generous, to fail, and to be vulnerable.

You have permission to own your words, to matter and to help.

No need to wait.   – Seth Godin

the voice

This was Seth’s blog post today.  Just this; just this simple.

This made me think about why so many of us just sit, and don’t stand, stay quiet and don’t speak, only take on the tasks we know we can accomplish, and are adverse to risk, adverse to failure, and are always wanting to attach ourselves to people we think “matter”, as if they are somehow more deserving than we are; more worthy.

When is the last time you stood up and said something?

Gave yourself permission to do something?

Do you remember how it felt?

Did you feel exhilarated?


I hope you’ll let me know what it was, and how it made you feel in the comments below.