Stick it where the SUN SHINES!!

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I don’t know what a Sunshine Award is, but not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I gratefully accept on behalf of my team members and on behalf of the women who have contributed their voices and photographs to reveal themselves, and empower others.  While I still have the stage- don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and consider following us on Facebook and Twitter ( see side bar). Muah!

I was nominated by a recent follower to the TRP blog who is also a blogger. She is a writer, a poet, and an activist who is also using her voice on her blog called Transcending Boarders, to make a difference in the lives of others. Based on her posts, her insights, and her obvious courage  I can tell that she has a tender, and deeply loving heart.  I am honored Tazein. Thank you.

sunshine blogger award

1) Make sure to post this award on your blog site.

2) Nominate 10 fellow bloggers

3) Please answer 10 questions.

What inspired you to start blogging?

Since I was little I’ve been filling journals, doodling, word-smithing, painting, drawing, and creating.  I’ve always been a student of  ”social” studies- as in, an observer of life, and how people interact.  I love seeking to understand, and I am most inspired by truth and goodness. I figure that the most powerful thing we have is our word- and when you give your word to something, you have the ability to make an impact and “show up” to someones life in a powerful way.  Blogging is like this for me, and the social web seemed a natural fit. I am happiest when my writing makes a difference in someones life- it is at the very essence of who I am.

How did you come up with the name of your blog?

TRP or, The Revelation Project is a project about looking, digging, revealing, and sharing, and although this project is still a virtual baby- I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned that in order for anything, or anyone to be seen, and explored, it first must be revealed.

I chose to study women in particular, because I know, that women have the power to shift the state of the world.  In order for this to happen, they must feel worthy of being seen, and worthy of being heard.

Women are powerful, and deep, and smart.  The feminine energy is about healing, nurturing, intuition, and creativity.  You give me any woman who has “done the work” and a roomful of people and she can almost immediately tell you what’s really going on. I think women are the answer to the question of how we are going to remedy what continues to ail the world.  We need to rise to our places- because we are being called now-  It’s time to  heal the anger, conflict, loneliness, and pain that undermines all beauty and love in the world, and if this is to happen, then women must reveal themselves.

The more we can touch others with this project, the more we can reveal the solutions, and heal the pain. Each woman who goes through the project goes through what I call an inside-out exchange. She has to go in, in order to fully come out; and she has to first step in, to step up and take her place. What she is able to reveal, heals- which then empowers her to stand in her own greatness- and gives her the opportunity to inspire others to do the same.


What is your favorite blog to read?

My favorite blog to read is called Momastery. I can so relate to Glennon Melton because she has this passion inside her to make a difference, and she just keeps putting it out there no matter what. She’s relatable, funny, and intelligent, and in many ways- embodies the power and greatness I believe women gain when they do the project. Her voice is clear, and yet she gives herself permission to be imperfect, and vulnerable. She takes a stand to be seen and to have others be seen, and she does this because she knows the value of giving, and that she will be taken care of in the process.

Just this week she took a stand for a struggling single mother, and by inviting her audience to see the possibilities for this woman, she was able to raise $240,000 in eight hours.  Thats freaking CRAZY greatness right there! and this aspect of her – and the power of her voice and her ability to move others? – I’m in awe (thank you Roo for turning me onto her!)

Tell me about your dream job?
I’m doing it.

I finally understand that I can make money, and develop my career ( social media, blogging)  in the background as I continue to be in service to the something greater that calls me forward.  Although I do not earn a steady paycheck, I’m clear that I’m employed by the universe, and that the money will come as needed.

Is your glass half full or half empty?

I’m a go big or go home kind of a girl so it’s never half-way it’s either full or empty.
I can’t say it’s always full because I’m human, however, it takes a lot to take me down.  If its empty… it looks like bed for months on end and thoughts of dying (only happened once 4.5 years ago) and when it’s full which is all the rest of the time… I usually can’t wait to show up to my life each morning and see what the day has in store for me.

What food can you absolutely not eat?

Really?  Um, liver? Sweet Breads? Yuck.

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?


Where would you go for a dream vacation?

Asia or India; someplace really gritty and beautiful and alive- with my Camera.  I’d would want to document the city or center and interview people, and take amazing photographs, and then write about it and share it with my audience.

How much time do you spend blogging?

Lately?  Almost every hour of the work day unless I am working with clients on their own brand development, or hanging with my kids. My biggest “revelation” is that I’ve had ADHD my whole life, and now, I’ve started taking a medicine to help me focus, and for the first time in my life I can “linger” on a thought without having to rush to get it down before I forget it.  It’s greatly enhanced my capacity for writing, and I am amazed looking back that I was able to write at all, given the difference I feel since taking the medicine!

Do you watch T.V. , if so, what are some of your favorite shows?

Meh.  You know, not really.
Every so often I will get into something but it has to be sooo good.  I really enjoyed Breaking Bad through Netflix (love Jesse. – bitch! ) or I love to watch documentaries or period films.  The Goodbar (my boyfriend) has turned me on to a few shows I’ll catch every so often like: Bones, Body of Evidence, Criminal Minds. My next adventure is checking out all the buzz about Downton Abbey.

You’ve asked me to nominate TEN (TEN!?) other blogs I love or find inspiring, so I’ll do my best but gonna start with five because I have to jump on a call soon, so I will add a “part two” later.  I do have blogs I really love, and that inspire me.  I particularly love the ones that offer humor or perspective.  I chose a couple here that are just fun to check out now and then, and I chose some relatively new bloggers who I think might really appreciate the exposure.


1.  Ask Dr. Mama : My friend Kim came to me about a year ago to get some help to create a new brand logo and get some clarity around where she wanted to focus.  I was amazed by her passion and her dedication and have been able to witness her “making it happen”.  She just needed a little push- and now, she’s saving peoples lives with her health insights and recommendations.  I highly recommend following her because you just never know when you’ll need her.

2. Erin Goodman: Builder of Community, Weaver of Dreams, Teacher of Peace…. I mean… what’s not to love? Erin has really been rockin it these past two years, and has gone on to build programs, and workshops that speak to her audience and serve her community.  As an Interfaith Minister, Erin has a deep spiritual reservoir, all while bringin it to motherhood, marriage, all things real.  Check her out- you won’t be sorry.

3.  Some Species Eat Their Young: Chase likely does not need any help from me on the exposure front, but recently I read that he’d taken a blogging break and a few months later… he was back. You should have seen the out pouring of comments of his readers welcoming him back.  Clearly his voice, perspective, and humor were missed.  His posts make me crack- up. often.  Generally I just like how he keeps parenting real, and accessible.  Less than perfect is always a place I can call home, and if you want to be included- look him up.

4.  A Flood of Hope: Girl crush! (oops, now she knows) I’ve only been able to sit and talk to Alix a few times, and every so often our shoulders brush.  She’s just wicked smart, and I have always had this urge to just get in her head, and curl up with her brain for a while.  The way she thinks fascinates me. She’s raw, honest, compassionate, and creative. Her writing makes me think, and sometimes- even makes me want to cheer. YAY!

5. Stumbling Toward Certainty:  Ok- this guy? If you ever thought you knew a good poem when you read one- then check his out, and I bet, I just bet- that you will be transported to a place that the english language just can’t capture very often.  Jim Grady is my brother… but that’s not why I like his poetry.  His writing, and perspective brings me to tears often, and mostly because I know his struggle inside, and he invites me in to see this beautiful vulnerable part of him through his work, and his words have the power to touch his readers deeply.   I want everyone I know to follow his progress as he continues to dare to bare his soul through his poetry.  I love this Man- he’s a beautiful gift, with an astonishing spirit.

When I post Part Two-  I’ll include the other five… until then, please try to occupy yourselves in some fashion. I’ll be sure to link back to this post as a continuation, but if you MUST continue to linger in wait  please consider commenting- or sharing this blog with everyone who can read.

Oh, and comment wise- I’d love to know about your favorite blogs, and why you follow them! XOXOXO

Congrats to all of the nominated blogs- written by amazing people who show up every day to say something! YAY!

Have a great day!


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    well my fave blogs to read currently are Diary of a Mom @ why: She was a huge help and resource when we were facing the unknown of a diagnosis for our special needs little one. She makes it real, you can relate to her! I also really enjoy Rhema’s Hope @ another special needs blog however she is so uplifting and provides another viewpoint and has been spiritually uplifting for me as well. I also LOVE Momastery. She is amazing. I’ve met her and sister and they are so fun and real. LOVE them and what they do. Those are my top 3. I just discovered you here and I am enjoying it as well.

    • says

      Hi, I’m so glad you came by, and I can’t wait to check out the blogs you posted. For as much as I search on the web- it’s really difficult to find great blogs ( unless of course they are fashion or decor related!) The thing with Glennon is I feel like I know her- her style is so “familiar” and I love her perspective. So cool that you met them both- I can’t even deal with how she can move mountains ( it seems) for these people. amazing. XO

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