Win the Battle, Lose the War.

I have to remember that I’m not the jerk whisperer.

I have to remember that regardless of how I want to believe that there is good in just about everyone, the fact is, I know that there are some disturbed people, and no matter what I say or do, I won’t have an impact there.

I used to let people really bum me out-meaning, I’d let them take away my faith in humanity.  Sometimes, if it happens now, I’ll  just go to bed so I can process it, heal it, – sleep it off.


There are going to be haters.  No matter what I say, and no matter what I do.

I can only make sure my side of the street is clean, and try to respond in a way that leaves me feeling whole.

Sometimes It literally takes all the restraint I have to just turn the other cheek, or walk away.

I know that there is a time to fight, but many times, I’ve not recognized that I might win the battle, only to lose the war.  It’s so important to know which battles to choose, and why.

One place that really gets me going is sexism, and it angers me on so many levels when a woman is disrespected. It angers me in general- when people are disrespected, but sexism is about being disrespected because of your gender.  This feels really ugly, and gross, and makes me feel like I want to go take a shower.

Hanging around ignorance can kind of be like this.. like, there’s not enough soap in the world.

Now, I think I’m going to go sleep it off.

I surrender at the moment, but tomorrow is another day.