The Hobbit House- Come inside!


This past week I started to work with a blogging coach.

I want to get to the next level with my writing, and my blog. Although I understand so much about social media- blogging is much more complicated after a certain point, and I really want to understand how to expose my writing, and the project, to a wider audience of like-minded people (and also remind them that to subscribe to get my posts in your email box you just have to but your email in the do-hickey thing right on the side here—————————>    See it?  It’s right here —————————>



She gave me the first tip which was……

to be more revealing.


….. i mean, I guess this is, The Revelation Project.

She wants me to “invite” readers into my life… in a more personal way, and expose… the gritty details of my life by using images to tell the story of my own “Revelation” project… not just about revealing the thoughts I think- but the way I live, eat, play, travel… etc.

She wanted me to catch the “un-guarded” moments of my life.

I knew as she was saying it,  that I am GUILTY as charged.  I’m not as “revealing” about the messes in my life, or the un-guarded moments… those scare me.  I don’t want to be judged.

She said her experience of my blog is that it might be a bit sterile…..


I TOTALLY know what she means.

After all these years, I’m still trying to keep it as “pretty” and as packaged as possible – even when it’s not.

So today, I though I’d take you on a little photo journey inside my house… but first I have to first confess I cleaned. I’m usually pretty messy (although I don’t feel that I am really to blame).

I took the clean pics yesterday, and then this morning, I got more re, re, re, …. re-VEALING about how it usually looks, and why it’s usually kind of messy.


I call it the Hobbit House because this is what one see’s when you first drive up.

Please excuse the wipers....

Please excuse the wipers….

We moved to Hobbiton, (Rhode Island ) which is a town in the Shire ( Kingston);  about a year and a half ago.  The house is honestly the *perfect* size, and I truly love everything about it.


Except maybe this room… where there is a long wall of windows – kind of an asian modern style. Firewood stack to the right, and outdoor table that’s in here for the winter.

This room (above) is my project this year because it’s the first room you walk into and it’s usually just the catch all for everyone’s *crap (except the Goodbar, he does not have crap . His insta-family, however, does ( he really is, actually crap-less).

When you walk in and turn to the right you go into the bungalow that was built first, and on the left hand side is a window seat and on the right is our couch/sitting room.

When you walk in and turn to the right you go into the bungalow that was built first, and on the left hand side is a window seat and on the right is our couch/sitting room.

This window seat was just *complete* this past week.  I was able to pick up the pillows I had made and I love the way it looks;  however….

This is how that same beautiful window seat really looks usually.  Um, that's laundry.

This is how that same beautiful window seat really looks usually. Um, that’s laundry.

Yes, that’s underwear…  revealing enough?

Un- guarded enough Jenni?

On the other side of this room is the living room… and see that painting right there with the woman looking over her shoulder?  That one is called:

“Does my Butt look fat in these jeans?”

and you’d better answer….

“NO dear.. ”

I’m kidding – that’s not really the name.. I just made it up, right now.. for you.


This is how it really looks. Laundry again... how'd that get there? hmmm..

This is how  the room really usually looks. Laundry again… how’d that get there? hmmm..

My kitchen is small, but I love it.

My kitchen is small, but I love it.

Also in this bungalow is my kitchen, laundry, a bathroom, and our office. I thought It best to just tell you, instead of show you, how I leave the cabinet doors open all the time (that’s what people with ADHD do – and they also leave faucets running, don’t open mail, and walk into other rooms only to forget why they went there at all.)

And below- is our kitchen table.. where I usually sit and work all day (I am a brand consultant, marketing strategist in real life …. I just pretend to be a pro- blogger for your entertainment).

See how clean my desk is???!!! That's because I don't use it!

Even THOUGH.. Goodbar got me this awesome desk (below) which lives in our office where I should really be sitting and working all day.  If I did that though, there would not be a seat for….

This Clown.

This Clown.

Notice how CLEAN it is.....

Notice how CLEAN it is…..

I share this office with the Goodbar.  Some people wonder why I call him that….. It’s a mystery…..

Can you see anything REVEALING here?

Can you see anything REVEALING here?

Until you look closer….

Evidence is everywhere.

Evidence is everywhere.

In fact, while we are on the subject…

The Goodbar has a special "food" cabinet that's high up over the kids heads... but once I found it, I started using a step ladder ( people with ADHD are SMART)

The Goodbar has a special “food” cabinet that’s high up over the kids heads… but once I found it, I started using a step ladder (people with ADHD are Wicked. SMART.)

I’m tired now, because revealing all the sordid little details of my life has been kind of emotional for me.  I think I may have to do it in parts… so before I end this half of my special program I first want to introduce you to the reason I usually can’t keep the house clean….. ever. or get laundry done, or shut the cabinet doors… ( scroll down) 

YEP.  Jack.


He may look innocent, but lets look more closely…

jack7Do you get my meaning?

It’s written all over his face.

He wants to be good....

He wants to be good….

But he can’t.jack3He leaves his *crap*


all over

ballThe house.

Who? Me?


Yes, YOU.

Yes, YOU.


  1. says

    Yep…. love this one… and yes… more revealing in the best way. Real!

    My writing has been so awful lately, because I’m not revealing all the awful and I worry that people will run the other way, or feel sorry for me as write the real stuff… the transition from depressed housewife to poor and homeless blog girl…oh right… with no job to boot. It’s so much easier to write about t-shirts, which I did today and couldn’t post, because it was about as boring as your basic plain white tee.

    I needed to read this post, because you an you’re coach is correct. Trying to keep it all neat and tidy isn’t working out.

    Must think….

  2. says

    The word is becoming very overused BUT it does become more attractive when you become even more AUTHENTIC than before ~ but I’m not sure how that is possible….it will be fun to see as you continue to ‘reveal’ :)