In Her Glory; The Magnificence of Karen Carey

You never know who you are going to meet, or how.

Karen and her beautiful family

Karen and her beautiful family

This poem was written by a friend of mine who is a photographer in Pennsylvania.  She became my friend through an introduction made by one of my favorite people and when we had our very first call, I learned that we were similar in many ways. Then she made me laugh, and well- that’s all it took.

She’s one of those rare souls who can actually “produce” what she says she wants to… in record time. This always leaves me feeling a little bit like a tool, and a slacker.  *Sigh, then I have to remember that I’m not in a competition and yada yada yada….

Any who – she is also doing a project for women,  and she’s calling it “In her Glory.”

I should mention however, that this is just one of the many projects she has her hands on. Check her out in her studio makeover reality program ( huh? – yeah exactly) which I’m sure she will take prime time-  here.

You can also sign up for her blog posts at YO BIG MAMA’s guide to living a BIG ASS LIFE. 

In her spare time (ha!)  she is a photographer, and a consultant to other photographers,  offering a thriving workshop series called, THRIVE. 

About this time last year, I was honored to help her,  and we some spent time by phone (we’ve never personally met) mapping out a few things she wanted to learn, specifically:

  • How to grow her social media audience around her already wildly successful brand.
  • How to create a content engine (blog) to introduce her writing voice inside of an idea she’d been percolating on a while.
  • Understand why growing a social media audience is critical to business marketing.

Talking with her is a wild ride, because she’s a whirling dervish of energy and ideas, and she’s raw, and edgy and full of life, and deep. I helped her where ever i could, but she’s one of those rare souls who need just a little push in the right direction and then BAM! She’s off and running.

She’s gutsy, determined, and talented, and I know she will travel to amazing places.

I wanted to share this with you because I think it’s so beautiful, and if you get a chance, look her up on facebook and follow her progress- I love that I’ll be able to say; I knew her when…..


Seek out praise for your worth.
Tell the world about your gift.
Don’t be afraid that your gift will not be welcomed.
It will be embraced!
It will be appreciated!
It will be seen! For all of it’s splendor.
It is His splendor and the world seeks to see Him.
The world basks in His glory!
Honor Him by honoring yourself!

He gave me this gift and asked me to share it.
I have for so long acted as if it was not glorious.
I have for so long pretended it was not valuable.
I have for so long not acknowledged it’s beauty…
All the while, unintentionally putting out the light
That He intended to shine.

In the darkness I have struggled to find the way and beauty of my life.
Seeking out the light of others, looking to find a light of my own.

All the while the light flickered in my accomplishments.
Remaining lit even in my attempts to put it out.

Today I have rekindled the flame.
I have torched my soul and it glows brightly for all the world to see.
My gifts are glowing. I want to light up the world with them.
I want to honor my God by emerging as the brightest star.

I will shine in His name.
I will shine for others to see.
I will shine in order to light my own path.
I will come out of the darkness and into the spotlight.

Where I have belonged all along.     ~ Karen Carey


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    Monica, I have something you might be interested in starting in April. I would LOVE to talk to you about it! When might be a good time? (PS Enjoy this glorious sunshine!!!)