Only The Few Can Hear



Sometimes I forget to be still. 

I forget what is important, or what it is to be bold, brave, open, and willing.

I forget that Inside I have a song to sing, a passion to dance with, and a soul journey to travel. 

There are rest stops along the way, and some are so cozy and warm all I really wish to do is curl up in the comfort of it and kick off my shoes- home at last! 

and forget about “all that”.

My weariness sets in when I think of the journey ahead, and the fear makes cold prickles down my neck. 

“aren’t we there yet?” I cry out from the back seat of this crowded, stale, hot, Brady Bunch ride-

only to shake myself awake,  dusting the crumbs of complacence from my chin as I haul my leg to climb over

vinyl seats, and broken head rests…

to claim my life again.

Back into the drivers seat… windows down.. music pulsing,  revving the engine of a complacent heart as I shift into gear….

for another adventure down a backwards country road,

or some nameless city street, 


into the middle of no-where….

with trust


more will be revealed

as I listen to music that plays 

in a distant land 

where only the few

can hear it.