A Bigger Game, Lions, and More.

We laughed, we cried, it was beautiful.

However, that would be an understatement to describe this past weekend’s experience at Lake George where over One hundred and fifty like-minded people,  gathered for the very first Bigger Game Expo.

Beautiful Lake George at the Silver Bay YMCA

Beautiful Lake George at the Silver Bay YMCA

Play a Bigger Game was conceived by thought leader Rick Tamlyn, and is a workshop experience for those who want to get their “life game” on.  This past weekend- he, and his ridonkulously talented team, showcased “ordinary” people who have a commitment to being extraordinary people.   They gave presentations, talks and discussions about their life’s work, career, dreams, creations, and what it took to get where they are at today, and the result was.


The best part about it was the transparency that each speaker offered to us as they took us down the non-linear, and often times, messy, challenging, and obstacle laden path of making something amazing happen.


I have to admit- I’ve done a lot of leadership, professional, and personal development in my life so you’d think i’d have a level of comfort with it.  I have a love/hate relationship with my propensity toward personal growth because it’s like gearing up for an inner shake-up.  When I sign myself up for something that calls me to be “bigger” in my own life, I simultaneously prepare myself for eminent danger.  Lets face it, –  I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’ve got projects I am working on, and kids to parent, and more than enough to keep myself busy and alternately content and happy … and yet, my spiritual yearning is always for MORE.

“More what?”  you might ask.

More everything- connection, joy,  inspiration, love, passion, community, income, and you name it- more more more.  I guess that makes me a more whore,  hmmm….

Each opportunity I seize to sign myself up, and participate in something as fabulous as this past weekend I also throw myself out of my familiar, and comfortable zone.  I learned so much about myself and others this weekeend, and I am so grateful to those that made it all happen –  it truly was game changing.

I can’t help but notice with a bit of humor-  how my approach to doing a workshop like this one is similar to how I might approach a lioness protecting a gaggle of hungry cubs…

It’s like my sub-conscious says:

“WHY would you EVER, do that”???!

Wary, uncommitted, closed off, all senses on alert, and ready to RUN like hell, I prepare myself for a growth experience- lol.  The only difference between a personal development/ leadership workshop, or approaching a lioness protecting a litter of cubs is, well, virtually nothing, so I guess I’ll continue to just to drive this silly analogy right off the cliff  by saying that I feel the same sense of panic and fear in the face of letting go of my ego, and stretching myself out of my comfort zone as If I actually had a real life lion circling me like antelope prey (profound insight, Monica, profound.)

How absurd is it that I would sign myself up for something I spend energy protecting myself from experiencing!?

Then there is the actual moment of letting go- one minute I’ve got it all handled, backing slowly from the fear, knowing I might narrowly escape notice- “oh look, nice little fluffy lion, a bird!” and about to launch my exit strategy, and the next second I am Zena or Jenga, or whatever Jungle goddness I become, and  I reach down into the depths of my own belly to find my very own roar to charge toward the threat lest it consume me… and somehow we merge to cancel each other out, and I realize I’ve managed to survive the whole ordeal without fatal injury.

While moments before I may have been fiercely protecting myself, the next is like a suicide surrender and I allow myself to be consumed by it.  It’s a strange and wonderful thing, but I’m starting to get that this paradox is where personal transformation lives.

So, what I got from The Bigger Game this past weekend is not “it” or “better”, or “the holy grail” or an arrival at some final “destination” … but simply more. More of the journey, more of the joy, more of the inspiration and insight that life has to offer with all of these miraculous people that walk this planet by my side.

I am more open, more touched, more inspired, and more capable than I was on Thursday.

I’m more grateful for all I have in my life, and all of those who allow my life to touch theirs.

Our big celebration "dress up" night at THE BIGGER GAME EXPO

Me, Andrea, Hea Sook, & Annabel at the big celebration “dress up” night at THE BIGGER GAME EXPO

Life. IS. Good.

Thanks to everyone who attended, presented, and who dare to play a bigger game- you all make this a BIG life game worth playing.

All my love, and proud to be a more whore,



  1. says

    It was a rich weekend of witnessing, sharing, trembling, cheering, crying, laughing, searching, dancing, singing, over flowing… YES- to more, more more.
    Lovingly from one More Whore to another.

  2. says

    Count me in as another more whore! An incredible weekend filled with inspiration, excitement, tears, magic, and 150 amazing individuals from around the world looking to make a positive impact and focusing on something that is bigger than themselves in service of others. Ahh….it doesn’t get much better than that! So honored to have been a part of it!


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