One Morning in Maine


From as early as I can remember, Kennebunk Maine has been my sanctuary place.  A place that feels familiar in it’s salty sweetness, and a place that never ceases to amaze me with it’s natural beauty.


My folks have had a home on Sea Road since I was two, and my memories of family time often begin in the back seat of a station wagon as my brother and sister and I would stake out our vinyl covered territory, making the long drive from Michigan to Maine while my Mom and Dad plotted our trip with the “occasional” bathroom pitstop.


Morning time was always my favorite, and after our arrival, and my race around the house to re-discover that everything was in fact as I remembered it- I would anxiously await each new day.  Dawn brought with it, the natural wonder of my surroundings- and  most often my time was spent endlessly exploring the back territory of our own private nature reserve (it really was not ours but seemed that way) which was once the back forty acres of wooded land behind our salt box cape.

When i think back, I know that although my parents were in the background- other than family mealtimes , an occasional afternoon at the beach, or a night around the card table playing games-  each of devoured our time there as one might devour a bucked of blueberries freshly picked and still warm from the sun, in a private reverie.

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Steamers, lobsters, cocktails, and corn on the cob seemed the perfect way to end a sun soaked summer afternoon, and cousins gathered as we circled around the drawn butter dish to dip the delicate morsels of  seafood with obvious tan lines becoming even more pronounced as the evening progressed, and the whir of the blender would send us into a frenzy when my Dad would offer to make our favorite summer virgin strawberry daiquiris!

Last night we had such a night, although more than twenty years have passed since those memories began, we continue to gather here.  Things have changed so much in our lives, and many of us have families of our own.  Now, cousins giggle and laugh, and slip and slide, and play at the beach while us “bigger” kids breathe it all in. Our last few days of summer will be marked by the photos we took here, capturing these moments so that we have proof that there are days here that really are this beautiful.. and that one morning in Maine can fill your soul for a lifetime.  If you’ve never been… I sure do recommend a trip- it’s well worth the experience.





  1. says

    Mornings in Maine are my favorite, too. I think once you go to Maine it becomes a part of you. When you’ve gone every summer since you were little, you’re officially a Mainer. I know it lives in my heart all year round.

  2. julia says

    Probably the only place I’d ever leave our beautiful state for. There’s just something magical about Maine. Everyone should experience it.

  3. Jim Grady says

    Monica, very moving… Loved this story of childhoods, transitions and memories – remembered and remade.
    Extraordinarily beautiful children, while optional in life, make the picture complete.
    The story got to me. It’s stirring. And it’s metaphoric.
    I stole one of your lines and wanted to write this for you, Joe and Nic, your kids, all kids – and Maine.
    The story is real. It happened at Parson’s Beach.

    One morning in Maine
    A child wanders out of the house
    Finding themselves drawn
    Down to the sea

    Alone as a skiff in a cove
    They skip down the road
    To the beach
    Unafraid to be free

    No loger night
    And not quite yet day
    Their eyes long to see
    The beginning of new

    The sea has not slept
    Sends soft curls of salt water
    From its edge
    To their shore

    Its as wide as their eyes
    Stretching away from the world
    It has always been here
    As forever it will

    As if a silent volcano
    Sliding up from these waters
    In lavas of orange and reds
    The sun blindingly rises beyond any Emperor’s dream

    Today, just the same as the very first morning
    When the earth was so young
    As young as this child
    A billion life times ago

    Every day with this sea
    Washing and smoothing
    The hours spent lighting and shining
    The work of a world made new before vanishing again

    One morning in Maine
    A child takes to the sea
    Sees a world made fresh for their view
    And it stays in their soul
    For a lifetime or two.