WHY did this happen to me?

ImageOn Thursday afternoon I walked into Wendy Rodger’s room and was greeted by a beautiful smile and searching eyes… unknowing and still in that place of, “WTF just happened to me???”

Wendy has the gift of regal presence, not superior, but a deeply souled wisdom that I imagine could be traced back many lifetimes. I felt an immediate respect for her and not just out of the huge appreciation I felt for her in everything she is dealing with. But her presence almost demands a respect. I found myself wanting to pay close attention to everything she shared.

Monica and I were there visiting Wendy together and the three of us had conversation around “WHY did this happen me?” I believe we ask this question because we are believers that everything happens for a reason… And when something so huge, so life altering, so life threatening happens it shakes the insignificant layers down to our ankles and we are left with our bare boned truth and one solitary question, “Why?” And so the seeking begins…for the answer….but it is a real Life Quest…searching for clues…it takes patience (which we have very little of most of the time without practice and discipline), it takes awareness, consciousness, openness, and surrender. It takes raw courage to climb down into the dark crevices of self’s soul and tear off the scabs that hide the real pain… When are we ever ready for this Life Quest? Never…until we are.

“You cannot answer these questions. You are too fragmented as yet to know what you are. We all are. If you do not think you are shattered, then you do not yet know even the most basic thing about your human condition. When finally you see yourself break, which may not become evident to you without great loss, only then have you begun to see what has happened to you in your sleep. This is the first hint to the true purpose of your journey.”
by Alison Nappi http://www.rebellesociety.com/2013/08/15/5-signs-youre-on-the-heros-journey/

We love you Wendy, you are not alone.