Find your Freaks.

From Chris Brogan, one of my favorite freaks. I love that he makes me feel like he’s talking to ME, as an individual…

Because he is.

I used to be very concerned as to whether or not every single person who read my work loved me, Monica Rodgers. Drink today? A big old bottle of margarita flavored water (totally not kidding!)

Each individual person had a sway over my emotional well-being, all based on whether they appreciated my writing or if they chose to say something negative or dismissive. A single negative opinion would wipe out thousands of positives, and often times land me in bed for a day or two while I battled out my depression and moods.


I’ve changed. One, I’ve learned that I’m the judge of whether I put out quality work. If someone doesn’t like my stuff, there are many contributing factors as to why, and rarely do they relate to me. If someone dismisses me or my work too quickly, then they’re not really my crowd, are they? If they hate my methods, that’s great. There are many other methods they can follow. I don’t have to sway them to mine.

But what has this done for my business?

1.) I focus my attention on the Monchu, those people who are benefitting most from the help I provide. This gives those people who participate and share and communicate regularly with me their rightful place as the people who get my attention, instead of my haters and critics.

2.) I have increased revenue since I stopped caring if people hate me. Not because I treat people poorly, but because I don’t spend useless time trying to make people who don’t share my interests care about what I’m doing.


The people I like to work with were the misfits, the left-outs, the picked-next-to-last in gym class types, the long hairs and the old ladies on the outside but rock vixens on the insides types. I don’t like weird for weird’s sake, but instead, I like people who have that “yes, and” magical mentality to do business BECAUSE they’re different, not in spite of it.

And I like those who secretly belong to that tribe, even though they wear a suit and have perfect hair but secretly still wonder whether Hulk would beat Superman in a fight.

Here’s how to find your freaks:

* Make distinctions –  I’ve learned, more and more, what separates you from them. The “them” in this case are those people who much prefer the suits and ties, the crush it/kill it/hustle kids,  the shiny toy tribes. Me? I like humans. Mostly 35-76 years old. Mostly people with an entrepreneurial spirit, someone with an ownership role in their own well-being.

* Seek resonance – I don’t care if you disagree with some of my work. I do care if you tell me this in a flip or arrogant way. If we’re not resonating, I no longer work to convince you. I eject you and wish you well.

* Empower someone – the moment you see traction in what you’re selling, help someone else. Find the connections between those people. Learn what makes them your community, your Monchu.

* Give them a rallying flag – I launched Owner so that you could declare YOURSELF as an owner. If you’re not an owner, get off the porch. Easy as that. No harm. No foul. I want owners. It’s a word I hope you make your own. Freaky owners? All the better.

* Fall in love daily with the people you serve – I mean love. I don’t mean “try to solve their challenges with your proprietary solution.” I mean, “wonder what they had for dinner and if their kid likes Minecraft like your kid does.”

* Give them the spotlight – ready to see that in action?

From the Monchu:

Grab Owner author Adam Bornstein’s newsletter here. It talks to you about fitness and nutrition and life hacks and all kinds of cool stuff.

Ferg Devins’ company, MolsonCoors has started an interesting corporate responsibility project they’ve labeled “Our Beer Print,” kind of like a “footprint.” Cool to see how they tackle consumption responsibility campaigns. (Ferg takes one or two of our HBWay courses, by the way. Say hi in the secret communities.)

Ever think about homeschooling your kids but just aren’t sure where to start? Angela Hoffman (long time Monchu friend) has 11 tips to get you started. This is also a great way to get your newsletter list started, people seeking to grow their business.

One semi-self-serving one. Courtney McKenzie interviewed me for her Entrepreneur 2.0 podcast, and I listened to a few of her other guests. Some neat stuff on this show.

I’ve gone a bit long today. Trying to tighten this down closer to 500 words. Know that you are loved. And if you find all this weird, there are many other newsletters and professionals out there who might fit you much better than me. I’ll just be here working with the Monchu to help them improve worth by growing their capabilities and connections.

You with me? (By the way, my book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth comes out this spring. I wrote it for you.)


Proud to be a freak Chris.

Thanks for this; really freaky, and truly remarkable.