Are You Part of a Tribe? Maybe “NOW” is the **Perfect Time.

I’m sure there are many different definitions but here is my spin on Seth Godin’s

 “A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, and connected to an idea that inspires them, and yet touches each individual member in a deeply personal way.  A group needs only three things to be a tribe: a shared interest, a way to communicate, and a willingness to put their ego aside for the collective “one” and for a higher good that will contribute to all members. 

Over hundreds of years tribes have also been connected by a leader… however, now everyone is a leader, and so each member has the “power” to create change within, and outside of, his or her tribe.”


At TRP, we have created One Sisterhood, twelve tribes.  Each birth month signifies the “tribe” of each member, and each member is than part of a more intimate group within the larger context of the project.  Our kick off party the other night was a riot.   We gathered in providence at the Beta-Spring headquarters and each guest was given their tribe name at the door (most of our guests were not familiar with us yet… poor things!) The result from my perspective was so powerful, and incredibly inspiring.  The goal was to give them an experiential sense of a tribe within a context:

  • We showed a short film and then asked each person to find his or her tribe.
  • Once they had a chance to connect and get to know each other for a few minutes they were challenged to work together to “co-create” something.
  • We supplied them with props and a dress up box and gave them access to the entire room/ floor of the building and had them tweet their tribe pics to us with #reveal365.

Below, please choose a favorite and write your pick in the comments.  Each member of the tribe you pic will receive a gift from TRP.

tribes Collage

Please choose your favorite and “vote” below in the comments section. Each tribe member will win a gift from TRP.


Now, you may have some questions… like, what the heck are they DOING?


They are having fun, laughing, and participating in the distinction we call  ”out of your comfort zone”, because at TRP we believe that this is where true intimacy and connection with others happens.

Did it work? 

The event began at 7pm and ended at 9pm.  We had been asked repeatedly by our partner to wrap it up so that the building supervisor could go home shortly thereafter. At 9:30 I was politely telling our guests they had to “go home now”, and by 9:40pm we were handing people their gift bags and telling them to “BEAT IT”.

Strangers entered and left having made friends. It was a beautiful thing to “witness.”

Our night was about celebrating the launch of REVEAL 365 : our digital workshop offered by season.

As part of our 90 day REVEAL Winter program  (OPEN FOR REGISTRATION NOW) TRP guide’s will lead  the tribes through a digital journey leveraging a combination of imagery,  journaling  and community to connect to one another.  Each participant will be part of the collective whole of the program but also more intimately involved with their birth-month “tribe” throughout their 90 day experience.

It’s truly a life- shifting workshop and I hope those of you who read this will consider joining us.  It’s been SO INSPIRING! Our beta group has been helping us with the finishing touches and our program officially begins January 1, 2014. 

Give yourself a gift this season, and join us for 90 days with the option of continuing into spring. 

The promise of our program: 

Our 90 day digital workshop is $125.00- put us on your holiday wish list!

Our 90 day digital workshop is $125.00- put us on your holiday wish list!

Reveal Winter will challenge you to look at life from new perspectives that will empower you to  ”see” yourself and the world, differently.  Our program has impacted women in all areas of life including, but not limited to:

  • Finding the courage to try things that have given them more joy and freedom.
  • Developing more intimacy and connection with their friends, families, and loved ones.
  • Supporting women through a life-challenge such as divorce, loss of enthusiasm for life, a job change, or any other number of challenges.
  • Revealing the things/thoughts/ or behaviors that hold them “hostage” to destructive outcomes.
  • Developing sacred space with the freedom to find their own voice or explore themselves- dreams, hopes, possibilities that they’ve suppressed, stifled, or otherwise been unaware of.

REVEAL 365 is about individual and community empowerment, and is based on a foundation of love, creativity, and self-expression.  It’s an incredibly “safe- space” and you are participating with a tribe who are all present to explore their own personal experience, and discover the “more.” Using your i-phone or digital camera, the TRP team will send weekly prompts so that you can do “your project” at your own pace.

It’s fun, enlightening, and wildly inspirational! 

At the end of each month you will receive 4X4 prints in the mail with your past 30 days of imagery.

Here is an example:


Here is the video we showed the evening of our party.

If you are interested in kicking off the NEW YEAR with us, it’s the *perfect time to sign up, and only $125.00.  Don’t think about the cost…

think about the benefits. 

Live in the NOW and don’t talk yourself out of it.

There will NEVER be a “good time” – the time is now… right?  That’s all we have.  Sign yourself up and we’ll guide you every step of the way!  You’ll never know unless you try it!

Sign up by clicking here. where you will be led to a landing page hosted by our partner ShutterCal.




Your tribe name is paired with the month of your birth.

Don’t forget to put your tribe favorite photo in the comments below!


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