ADHD = Everyday Trauma

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School shootings are the new normal. …

let us gather to strategize how we’ll prepare for the next, vs.


What is going on here anyway?
Missing the point,we continue to blare today’s news.

Anxiety rises in response to the ever uncertain emotional climate changes.

Nothing another cookie can’t fix.
Starving for nourishment we stuff our faces,
expanding while simultaneously withering.

A storm of rage and grief and confusion passes over these mountain ranges.
Let’s talk about the weather.

Are you upset?
There’s a pill for that.

Big Pharma.
The race to the bottom. 


Plunder and take.
A.D.H.D is on the rise?


Connect the dots, you out-of-the-box thinker you!

ADHD follows the trend
our humanity will act out
its insanity and
children cope with minds that can not comprehend the




Drug and Human Trafficking.

N.E.C.A.P. test anyone?

You sit down right here young one,
sit still now,
for hours and hours.
You fidget?
No recess for you.

Brains change to survive.

In order to cope.

Stay alert.


Prepared for eminent danger.
Fight or flight?
A no-win choice to make.
Hostage negotiator’s can’t strike a deal with the mentally ill because, “they ain’t right”.


Safe at home
in front of your other
Crack. Habit.
The escape must be somewhere in there.
look deeper.
Just click your ruby slippers together

“there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home..”

No one escapes… especially the awake.
Eventually you’ll act out the senseless
rape of your senses.
“This pressure cooker has been brought to you by Martha Stewart”.


Go on.
Let’s keep making this someone else’s problem.







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