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It’s just a day away!  A groundbreaking course delivering new perspectives on life, inside a community of like-minded women who are all committed to the same:  happiness, joy, and self-awareness.

It’s a brand NEW YEAR, and if you need a little extra support to achieve your goals for 2014- this is the perfect thing: REVEALWinter brought to you by The Revelation Project, and our partners at ShutterCal. 

Get your spot for just $125.00 (class is 90 days). This offer ends January 4th at 12pm.
Class begins tomorrow, however, we are giving you an extra 24 hours to jump on board, and it’s simple to catch up.
Please remember, this is a digital workshop that can be done at your own pace, and takes a few minutes a day or a week depending on how you want to roll.

Click here for more details about this course.

The next three months will guide you to explore *three conversations through the lens of your i-phone, or digital camera.  You do not need to be a photographer to do this, and it’s so fun!  

Our REVEALWinter adventure will explore two seemingly opposite concepts each month, and you will be guided through email prompts to “see” the world in a new way + your own digital calendar supplied by our partners at ShutterCal so you can showcase your image and your thoughts which will be printed on beautiful 4X4 cards and sent to you at the end of each month all included in the price of $125!   REVEALWinter will bring you access to more joy, creativity, friendship and much more than you ever thought possible.

Monthly Topics for REVEALWinter:

* January:: Death and Rebirth 
* February: Scarcity & Abundance 
* March: Strength & Vulnerability 

Take a look at this video for inspiration.
As you can see in the video- the idea of taking a photo a day, and looking for the *moment* you want to save, share, & document can be a powerful experience!

Just imagine… the evidence of your REVEALWinter experience will be part of your legacy, and may just be a cherished heirloom for generations to come.


Questions? Email me at… please, don’t hesitate! 

Please don’t delay! We already have have 45 + women enrolled as part of the REVEALWinter class, and it’s a great way to socialize while learning, growing, and laughing!  The more participants we can enroll the more powerful the experience-   you’ll be amazed, and inspired by the wisdom that is shared and the perspectives you will begin to see your own life from, and that’s a promise!

Happy New Year!