Blooming Winter. Invincible Summer.


Yes, and so, it’s Winter.

Our little hobbit house & town is blanketed under gentle drifts of whitest snow and even as it mutes the vibrant colors outside, and blows it’s freezing winds, inside;  I am a greenhouse.

I’m blooming everywhere.

My heart is filled with love and appreciation and gratitude for women who are signing up and trusting that REVEALWinter ( our 90 day digital workshop) is going to make a difference in their lives.   Without them it would not have worked, because it’s actually a model for how “life works” – and we were not meant to journey alone.  They are teaching me, showing me, and giving me the courage to dig deeply, and express more freely.

For the 30+ women who are signed up- I’m realizing that they are also discovering their secret garden they have within themselves, and while they explore new perspectives, and share their discoveries with their REVEAL classmates, that they are feeling a sense of freedom and belonging and HOPE … a feeling I’m thinking they’ve not had in a long, long, time.

10 hours left to sign up.

Registration ends at midnight.

TEN HOURS left to….

Ten Hours left to discover that within you, there lies an invincible summer. 

* We have women coming in from all over the US, and even a participant from India.  AMAZING!