In her words…

For my post today, I will proudly display the testimonial sent to us by Tanya; one of our beta and tribe members from REVEAL365. I’m also excited to present you with our new website today, hopefully making it easier to navigate, sign up for our programs, and stay in our loop.  I’m wild about our […]

Climb Inside


This poem is dedicated to all of those who’ve climbed inside & especially to my TRP girls & Mr. Goodbar- the most wonderful man a girl-woman could ever love. Climb Inside          Take a risk with me bust this myth with me that you are I are separate come, come, climb inside […]

Sisterhood is a GOOD HOOD.


Kim and I had so much fun creating this video. She makes me laugh (clearly) and I think she should be on Saturday Night Live- wouldn’t she be perfect? On to business: I am proud to announce that REVEAL365 is OPEN for EARLY REGISTRATION! Don’t delay limited time offer and availability!  The Revelation Project and ShutterCal have […]

Revealing Robbin Jorgensen: Photograph Album Launch from this Weekends Workshop.

"Leadership is a series of behaviors rather than a role for heroes."  Margaret Wheatley (1941 )

I’m switching things up here without notice. Usually we post each participant’s album first to Facebook without telling them 😉 They’ve never seen these images before.. so you are seeing them many times before they will. Robbin came from the city of Atlanta for the weekend to do The Revelation Project.  She had NO IDEA […]